Tabla snow Rome DESIGN 158

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Marca: Rome

Modelo: Design

Longitud: 158 cm



Length (longitud) : 1580 mm

Effective edge (longitud del canto) : 1220 mm

Nose width (ancho de la punta) : 294 mm

Tail width (ancho de la cola) : 294 mm

Waist width (ancho en el centro) : 252 mm

Sidecut Radius (radio de giro) : 8,2 m

Stance width (distancia entre fijaciones): 520 mm

Stance location (distancia del centro de las fijaciones al centro de la tabla) : centrada

Rider's weight (peso del rider): 59 ? 86 kg


When we created the original Design with Jonaven, his push was to have a directional twin with a nose-shaped tip and tail to give him the freedom to ride AK lines switch or throw b/s 1s off spines, and to do it with power. The goal in 2008 is the same but the technology has evolved to push the performance envelope. New core, new laminate and new base result in a faster, lighter board with more pop. Designed for pow, it's precise responsiveness also makes it a favorite for riders with an early-morning groomer habit.


Airpop Core Matrix. High-energy release, at an ultra-light weight.
Carbon 2D Laminate. Lightweight pop, with controllable torsion power.
Smartbase. High speed with no need to wax.
Impact Plates?. Anti-compression protection.
AC Technology. Lightness.
Dual Inline PowerAmp Technology. A ton of ollie pop, with added torsional response.
LDC Technology. Lightness.
Mountain Edge Profiling. Catch-free bomber edge hold.


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