Tabla snow Lobster YOUTH BAORD 138

299,95 € 149,98 €

Marca: Lobster

Modelo: Youth Baoard

Longitud: 138 cm




The Helgasons send it. Everything is always all in. Be it huge pop or certified presses, it?s hammers everywhere. With younger guys and girls coming through with the skills to follow the boys, but not enough height or weight to dominate their boards, we decided to make a board just for them. This isn?t a kids? board and it isn?t an adult?s board. It?s a YOUTH BAORD!
The trimmed down JIB TBT starts inside the inserts and carries on to the nose and tail. A wide flat section in the centre of the base and relaxed angles on the TBT makes presses and slides super stable. TBT is more forgiving than traditional camber and more responsive than a rocker. This means fewer catches on the rails and a board that is as forgiving as possible for learning new tricks on.
Our FLEX core is soft enough to give sick bend on board slides, but tough enough to stick it. Bi-Ax layers around the core keep the flex super soft for certified presses and an extruded base makes for easy repairs when the street bites back. The construction is completed with ?thick? edges. Like the name says, they are thick?. For bashing rails.
If you are a youth (or know a youth) who wants to send it like never before, but is too small or light for the other boards in the range, then this is the board to get on the Helgason?s training program. With the sizes, flexes, laminates and TBT tweaked to be perfect for younger, teenage riders, the YOUTH BAORD will allow the youth to progress. FAST!


Estilo: freestyle
Camber: Triple Base
Nivel rider: Principiante/Intermedio
Core: flex
Base: extruded
Garantía fabricante: 1 años


Longitud   (cm): 138
Longitud del canto   (cm): 104
Superficie de   contacto (cm):  
Ancho de la punta   (cm): 27,8
Ancho en el centro   (cm): 24,0
Ancho de la cola   (cm): 27,8
Radio de giro (m): 7,1
Distancia de las   fijaciones (cm): 52
Distancia al centro   fijaciones (cm): 0
Peso del rider (kg):  
Ancho de la tabla: normal
Flex (1 a 10) (- a +   rigido): soft


Triple Base Technology by Lobster.pdf


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