Tabla snow mujer Lobster Girl Baord 149

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MARCA: Lobster




So many girls seem to be interested in the Helgasons (their riding that is) that we thought it about time that we designed them a board. The GIRL BAORD is a lady specific snowboard with specs between the park and the freestyle boards: A full park destroyer with amazing pop. The TWIN TBT has been trimmed down for the narrower board. The core is a WOOD core: poplar reinforced with hardwood strips along the insert rows. This strengthens the core and focuses pop. The laminates are now Bi-Ax to give a soft overall flex. This makes the girl board fully suitable for hitting street rails, so we gave it an extruded base in case the street bites back! As well as urban riding the GIRL BAORD is good for all types of park (jumps, rails, wallrides, re-directs, tranny finds etc) as well as cruising and even powder riding. The graphic is a ladies special: a three eyed kittunicorn. Like the girls this board was designed for this graphic is cute, but not to be messed with.



Estilo: park, freestyle

Camber: triple base technology (TBT Bataleon)

Nivel del rider: principiante/intermedio

Shape: twin (true twin)

Core: wood

Base: extruded

Flex: suave

Garantía del fabricante: 2 años



Longitud (cm): 149

Ancho de la tabla (cm): normal

Superficie de contacto (cm): 112

Longitud del canto (cm):

Ancho del nose (cm): 28

Ancho en el centro (cm): 24

Ancho del tail (cm): 28

Radio de giro (m): 7,65

Distancia entre fijaciones (cm): 56

Distancia fijaciones al centro (cm): 0

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